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I am experiencing a weird bug.  If I finish an encounter by using an AoE spell (regardless of type), my movement is restricted following the encounter.  My character looks like it is running, but movement and flight speed are half of what they are supposed to be.   The only cure seems to be using any ability, including dismounting.  This seems to happen when I am in an outdoor zone, or any zone where I am allowed to be mounted, as it does not seem to occur when I am in an instance.  This issue began about 4 patches ago for no particular reason.

I am seeing no debuff on me when this ocurrs, and it seems to happen regardless of zone, spell, or target.  I have /bug reported it twice, with no response.  I'd really like to get some information about this issue, see if it will be solved any time soon.

Another bug I am experiencing that started with the October 9th patch is that when I use the Legends of Norrath interface in-game, there is no sound of any kind, no music, no click sounds, nothing.  I have adjusted all the sound settings within the LoN interface, and no change.  If I use the LoN program outside of EQ2, sound is normal.  This is not a major issue, but it is perplexing.

Thanks in advance for help and information.

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