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Welcome to alls our new friends!

Today around Noon, if you is in the frozen areas around Halas, those of yous with a bent for fashion might keeps an eye out for a snowperson with some things to talks about.Edit - the Snowlady seems to have had some heat issues due to the merge and is trying to freeze her way back into shape. We hope to see her later today, but that depends on how cold we can gets her.

Then at around 7PM, in Darklight Wood, a Halfling crafter (who apparently isn't a very good one) wills be around looking for some assistance from better crafters than him.

And, of course, this evening at various times, myself and maybes some others will bes just wandering around looking to sees who is naughty or nice. And yes, we has giftses.

These is all Pacific times, btw, and while things can happen we hopes to has everything on time.

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