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Greetings Everyone!

The Guides of Nektulos hope everyone who participated enjoyed this last week's events. We definitely enjoy running them for you!

We already have a few events posted for you with more to be listed in the days ahead!

All of us here on Nektulos hope you have a really wonderful week!

This same post will be edited if events are added or changed. Please remember to visit this post daily regardless of the position of the News from Nektulos thread under Guide Events as editing a post will not toplist a thread.

All times listed below are Pacific and aproximate start times. Events may be changed or canceled without notice.

Friday, November 12th

8:30 AMA halfling is in desparate need of a craftsperson in The Darklight Wood!

Saturday, November 13th

* No Events Currently Scheduled *

Sunday, November 14th

2:00 PMA young Fae has a lesson to learn in Neriak!

Monday, November 15th

8:00 AMCome share your culinary talents in East Freeport!

Tuesday, November 16th

* No Events Currently Scheduled *

Wednesday, November 17th

1:00 PMA hunter seeks a craftsman's help out in The Timorous Deep!

Thursday, November 18th

9:00 AMA Halfling needs your expertise in Qeynos Harbor!

12:00 PMCome help out this cute creature in Gorowyn in The Timorous Deep!

See you in Norrath!

Guide Encanto

Guide Encanto

Guk - EQ2
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