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Greetings Everyone!

As has been the case lately, last week's schedule started out light but grew as the week progressed. This coming week is going to be the same.

November, December & January are the months we focus the most on home, family and friends. We have some fun events planned for the weeks ahead and that includes some new Guide events styled for the season. Keep an eye out as they will be coming soon!

Remember: The best source for up-to-the-date information and discussions about the server mergers are the EQ-II forums at:

This same post will be edited if events are added or changed. Please remember to visit this post daily regardless of the position of the News from Nektulos thread under Guide Events as editing a post will not toplist a thread.All times listed below are Pacific and aproximate start times. Events may be changed or canceled without notice.Friday, October 29th

2:00 PMCheck out this Dwarf with an obsession in Butcherblock!

Saturday, October 30th

* No Events Currently Scheduled *

Sunday, October 31st

* No Events Currently Scheduled *

Monday, November 1st

* No Events Currently Scheduled *

Tuesday, November 2nd

10:00 AMCome help this out this poor creature in the Frostfang Sea!

Wednesday, November 3rd

9:00 AMHelp this young Fae out in the Loping Plains! (Recommended Level: 60+)

12:00 PMHelp this little critter out in South Qeynos!

Late Afternoon - Early Evening (Exact time unknown)Show off your artisian skills at this fun event in the Timorous Deep!

Thursday, November 4th

10:00 AMSave a Halfling's life! Come to the Darklight Wood.

See you in Norrath!

Guide Encanto

Guide Encanto

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