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*bounces in singing off-key*

I've got a new nooote for yooouuu!!

*tacks up the note and bounces off again to create more chaos*

On 10/24 around 11 am be on the lookout for some mischeifmaking in North Qeynos.

On 10/25 around 3pm I hear there will be a fae whos having a problem with their shadow somewhere in Greater Faydark

On 10/26 around 12 noon your favorite drunken dwarf will be around in the Commonlands looking for assistance with his scarecrows wardrobe.

On 10/26 around 8:30pm I heard a rumor that a necromancer will be looking for help in North Freeport. He's only looking for a small group of people so best be quick!


Please note that all times are in PST and are subject to change should problems happen outside the world of Norrath.

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