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alabama wrote:

Yonaton wrote:


I said above what you said,with the caveat that pots,and clickies do not come back as fast as the bruiser fd/tauntlock is used. Perhaps it's not an exploit. Perhaps it's a broken game mechanic. Either way,it's bs.

And why are there have only been brawlers so hip to defend it,if it's not something messed up? Can you tell me that Kastuzo?

Noone cares about the issue because its not an exploit so go back to your corner and crymore.


Its not an exploit or a broken mechanic.

Now stop derailing the thread. Its about our ae taunts not working in pvp and bg's.

If you want to make another nerf brawlers blubie tearfest post start your own topic.

Divide and Conquer doesn't work in bgs?


Learn not to obscure the truth. I've NEVER fought a bruiser who didn't use dnc+fd. It's their one-trick pony in pvp. If it's so intended,how does it affect pve mob,eh? What,it DOESN'T? Oh,that's right lol. As soon as you fd the mob resets. It isn't standing there with a ten second lock and no target,waiting on pots or clickies to come back up.

And the thread started as a complaint about aoe taunts,then went straight into a cryfest about some other class. What did that class even have to do with it? Cry less yourselves. It's a pvp forum,not a Brawler specific forum.

Point is,everyone takes a nerf at some point. Everybody has something broken in their class. My class took a nerf not too long ago that removed one of our class defining abilities. So what? I still BG and pvp fine. Brawlers aren't broken. They are working as intended,right?

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