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Excuse please,if I don't take the two brawler's word for it.

If you're talking averted eyes proc,or the swashbuckler ability to detaunt(which has no duration as the bruiser tauntlock),it doesn't lock target and leave you open to nothing.

And I'm talking SPECIFICALLY as it relates to FD. Tauntlock a group,then fd forcing a drop target. Unless you pot or use some other clicky,you're stuck targeting nothing. It's not a change of targets,it's not a prevention of changing targets. It's a simple drop target to nothing with no way to reaquire without the taunt finally wearing off(if pots and cures are down) or popping one.

It's not single target either,as you well know. Group tauntlock/fd. Scout/Mage deaggro doesn't affect an entire group either. So that's out the window as well. And it wasn't a big deal up to the last couple years on Vox. Now every group must have a bruiser who fd's/tauntlocks because it's specifically an easy button. And no,it's not "intended",unless Sony thinks that being able to taunt lock an entire group every 5 seconds and deaggro is "intended".

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