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Yonaton wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

And Sk's have a very good way to keep out of encounter aggro.  It's called your mythical.  Every lifetap you cast can force anyone they hit to target you.  Which works out of encounter as well.

And your class has three DI's.

I don't see much difference tbh. Brawler survivability is rediculous,and the fd/target lock exploit has been around forever and works on an entire group.

 And that's not telling anyone how to do it,it's saying it's long past time that crap was fixed.

That isnt an exploit lol, its the way the targeting mechanics have been since release.  Nor is it related specifically to fd.

I suggest you try coordinating with your tank to cast your detarget on the same target he rescues.  The combination of a taunt/detarget effect on the same target is no different from any deagro that has a pvp duration.  It happens all the time fighting dps classes that have deagro effects with a duration.

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