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Grimfort wrote:

The SK Grave Sacrament is the same, its the only AE threat (excluding DM which doesn't state it) that works in pve but not pvp.

Don't see a change coming there tho .

With the staggering ways that an SK is OP, they don't need to worry about one spell.  They actually changed GS to make it not work in PvP because it was absurdly powerful.  Bruisers on the other hand have 2 ways to control more than one encounter.  Both require the use of AA points to get them.  One is just a taunt added onto one of our blue aoe ( and requires the use of Defensive stance)  The other requires 12 points to get the new SF end line for the Bruiser tree.

Actually, I just checked it, and neither of these abilities have the taunt effect in PvP.  Please fix this, or give us a valid reason why they don't work.  You give bruisers a lot of things that actually make us able to tank effectively, then screw us in the PvP realm of it.

Shut up blubie! BG's are not and will never be PVP!

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