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Brynhild wrote:

Here's a perfect solution to the problem:

Absoutely no immunity, ANYWHERE, from attacks.  If you are in an 'immune' labeled area you simply don't drop loot or coin if you get killed but you can still get attacked.

On top of this, if you are in a guarded immune area and you attack someone the guards will zerg you because you shouldn't be attacking people in their guarded zone.   If evil attacks someone in qeynos, the qeynos guards will hunt them down, but qeynos can attack evil people in qeynos with no problems and opposite for freeport zones of course.

So immune is changed to 'won't drop loot' zone instead of 'can't be attacked at all' (so you can use the banker and such)

This may make crafting expensive items a bit more difficult =)

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