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Sightless wrote:
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Sightless wrote:
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When i see someone who plays a Swashie, Ranger or Brigand, and to a less extent assassin, I know they like it easy. Which is entirely fair enough, its their money, and they may well have other harder classes too. And lets face it, if no one played the easier classes, the game would be more boring.

At the end of the day though, everyone who plays knows which classes are easier, and which aren't. You won't be respected as much for, say, winning a 1v1 or having a higher title on an 'easier' class. And in the end, apart from having fun oviously SMILEY<img src=" width="15" height="15"> , I hope most people would rather be knwon for being more respected and liked, rather than having a higher title/KvD etc. (note: the two aren't, of course, mutually exclusive).

Yet my Warlock who is 59 now is twice as powerful than my 74 Ranger.. I've been timing my kills on level 70 bots and it infuriates me how powerful the Warlock is, when my Ranger has been destroyed. Not to mention the power I've also been seeing on my Guardian.

Not sure how you can get as powerful as killing someone in 2 seconds, unless you're claiming u can kill someone in 1 second on your warlock.

As a coercer, if i let a ranger out of a 5m distance for more than 4 seconds, im dead, simple as.

Rangers are not killing in 2 seconds. I lost 60% of my damage when they removed Focus Aim. Unless Coercors are having heart attacks the second a Ranger attacks you, something is wrong. And I can kill you no matter what with my Warlock in four seconds.

I played a warlock for long time and I also have a 60 ranger. If your warlock is on naggy evil side, Ill show you what rangers do to warlocks everytime when played properly. Grats you can kill bots so can I and everyone else that knows how to enter a password to post on this forum. My ranger is far far far more powerful than any warlock could hope to be.

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