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Somebody got beat by a scout last night.. XDNerfing several of the things you mentioned would turn them into another fighter class.. not a "scout" per se.Many of the things you mentioned are counterable."Robin of Locksley: Any suggestions? Azeem: Get up. Move faster."
yes from tone i would say several times. my t2 brigand loses 50% of the time in pvp. i'm no slouch in pvp and can hold my own. i am geared up pretty well now with almost all adeptIII and some really nice gear and i lose easily 50% of all fights and i would say against almost every class so far.
Ouch! My 21 brigand hasn't lost a single time since I got my MC armor at lvl 12.

jeesh...cmon nail your ruining my fantasy that i am at least decent at pvp. if you keep up with these comments i might have to accept that maybe i suck SMILEY

actually i'm a kamikaze pvp'r. i attack every enemy on sight....especially yellow cons. i love pushing the limits. had a level 46 (red)mlaughing at me the other day for several minutes as i beat on him and didn't move his green health bar even the slightest....then he 1 shoted me.

also i dont evaluate enemies as i probably should or wait for them to fight mobs and attack when they are weak. i have more of a tank mentality and probably should be playing one. i'm more of a knuckle dragger type that will charge any enemy at any cost. probably why i lose so often. although i am starting to use my stealth more to my advantage.

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