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Not all scouts are overpowered only swashies and brigands are. They are supereasymode. Track a vulnerable victim, 1 2 3 4 5, rinse and repeat for 80% of fights. And i dont think the problem is with them. The problem is mitigation doesn't count much. Its ok scouts fulminate casters if they get their back, but tanks should resist more, much more. And potions break pvp, i would remove em all.

Every body hit too much including mobs. And brigands make it worse couse they debuff it more. Fights should long more, but then healers will be overpowered, so its difficult to make everyone happy.

 Also the problem with scouts is that they have the radar attached. They will wait till you have a mob with you and backstab you. Thats not a fair fight but its their lame playstile. I tend to win scout 1vs1 except swashies but they also do the same, revive and chase me till im on mob and then start to /rude when im unconsius.

If they didnt get token when you are on a mob this will be a diferent story.

What i would do:

Give all tank classes, bruiser monks included more hp, miti and avoidance. Reduce DPS of swashy brigand. Give casters more CC, speccially summoners (for example pets with %to root/taunt on succesful hit). Reduce healers mit and avoidance. Make long delay weapons only usable for fighter/priest. All scouts should hit fast and weak, and fighters slow and hard.

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