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[email protected] wrote:
[email protected] wrote:

you combined abilities of several scout classes into your post. 

That is true, however .....

Swashy/brig doesnt get runspeed

This is false. We don't get 80% run speed buffs, but ALL Scouts get Pathfinding, which buffs your run speed by 16%, & any Swashy or Brig can put points into the AGI line, one of the abilities of which is a modest run speed increase. I think I'm up to 26% or so.

So, while we don't get anywhere near the 80% the OP spat up (which claim should have told everyone the OP is a troll & not to be taken seriously at all) we DO get run speed buffs.

My apologies.  Let me clarify.  Yes we can get 26 percent with aa line and pathfinding.  Not exaclty speeding.  if you want we can just use Chokadi totems also, take us to 65 with aa line and Jboots, and 70 percent if you have a race ability.  Of coarse any class in the game can get 60 percent with Chokadi, Jboots and Racial ability, but we wouldnt want to tell people that.  Plus the fact just about every class gets Run speed aa's they can also get up to 70 percent, just like us superfast swashies.

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