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Better question.  Why is it that people with a total of 3 posts on these threads suddenly feel the need to come here and start up topic's and post some talking points they obiviously got from Ajjantis so he can continue to troll?

To the OP or Ajjantis who is prolly one in the same, you combined abilities of several scout classes into your post.  Swashy/brig doesnt get runspeed, and Ranger/assasin don't get the kind of debuffs worth noting in any thread. 

I have an idea, lets fix everything you posted here.

Remove track.  check.

Remove DPS.  check

Remove posions. check

Remove debuffs.  check

Remove detaunts.  check

Remove runspeeds.  already did for the most part, but ok, check.

Remove shields.  Check.  (i do love my round sheild, but ok)

Remove evac.  Check.  (ok you didnt ask for that, but i figured i would just beat you to it.)

Whats that equal?  An NPC shop keeper.  Tumpy Tonic anybody?

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