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Wytie wrote:
hosuke wrote:

Get to use posions that proc far to often that do more damage them most people melee.

Get healing poisions, Oh yes i see, stabing someone would heal you >_>

Get poisions that detaunt(target removing pvp) because it isnt like they get enough class detaunts evades is it..

Why can they track, and do insane DPS and use shields and Stun lock, and debuff with taunts that have low timer so they can keep removing buffs, why can they debuff so much that it turns plate armor into cloth armor and cloth armor into umm, a naked player.

Why can they run at near 80% speed, Why can they get away from any pvp fight they chose with out risk, WHy can they spec for tanking and do as well as any tank.

Why can they get more health then a main tank, Why are they able to kill anyone in 6 sec flat pvp with no effort at all.

Why do they get all this and more with no sacrifice at all!!

Other classes sacrifice alot to get gains into what they want to do, Wizard lose tons of damage for defence, guardians los tons of damage for defence, druids cant be both healer and dps, they cant have it both ways, they are pvp spec or raid spec not both, no matter the char you pick you have to SACRIFICE alot.

SCOUT GET IT ALL WITH NO SACRIFICE AT ALL! how is this fair to the rest of us, why do they get so much with no loss to any thing. the higher tehy get the more overpowered they become, i mean jesus look at them at level 80... its [I cannot control my vocabulary].

Seriously BUff other classes or nerf them but do some thing

Why can healers heal all of a scout's dps timers with 2 or 3 heals?

Can they? I can assure you that my 80 Fury cannot outheal a swashbucklers dps in a 1 vs 1. And i challenge every 80 fury to fight my scout SMILEY 
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