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But do you know that for a fact?  How much experience do we get per kill?  2%? 1%?  If it is anything over 1% in my opinion that's too much.  Anything 1% or less and it's not that big of a deal I guess.

Also you say that mentoring is the solution to all my problems.  Mentoring involves grouping,  given that 66% of the games content is now solo content... I guess I could mentor lower level players in higher level solo zones.  But that also involves me needing to track down players to mentor for paticular zones or instances before I can even go... Not that big of a deal I suppose.

as for.

"it is even possible to do all the lowbie quests before they turn grey"

Thats completely wrong.  I am level 24 and I've had to delete COUNTLESS grey quests.  Your underestimating how many quests are in this game, especially with faydwer and Kunark now.  I can go level 10-20 with questing alone from any one tier 2 area very easily and still have quests unfinished.

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