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Can I have your stuff?Seriously, I think you're over exaggerating this just a little bit. At worst, you'll level through T2 or T3 kind of fast, but after that the experience you gain from killing another player isn't a huge amount. You people are acting as if you'd get 5% per guy you kill or something, and would shoot up to max level within two weeks. If you want to experience "all the content", just avoid PvP until you've done the quests you want to do, or, even better, do the quest and then mentor for the turn in! It's what people have been doing for months and months for things like heritage quests! You can even mentor to do all the instances that turn grey to you as you level up. The only problem on PvP would be open dungeons, but if you're gonna quit the game because you missed your chance to go through Crushbone Keep without mentoring there's precious little the devs or anyone else could do to keep you as a customer in my opinion.And, as an aside, I seriously doubt that, with vitality and quest xp being as it is, it is even possible to do all the lowbie quests before they turn grey. So in effect, you're actually screwed from the get go at low levels, and at high levels the xp slows down enough to where you can comfortably do all the quests and not have to worry about anything turning grey.Anyhow, please send all your stuff and plats to Emai @ Nagafen, Qeynos side, or Atoi on the Freeport side.
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