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When I see a statement like this, I have to question what we're trying to accomplish with a "script" and threats of consequences if not done a certain way. Step back for a second and really read what was posted here for accuracy and consistency. I'm not mad or attempting in any way to be belligerent, insulting or whatever. I tend to be precise in my language. Here's the bottom line: what's the difference between leaving mages dead or going through the raid encounter "short-handed?" Dead mages are not available; mages not in the raid are not available either, so either situation should be doable or conversely, create a "fail mode." In my opinion, and mine alone, scripting appears to be the altar at which we are praying, rather than using a commonsense approach to raid encounters. If I read the conversation correctly, why is this single encounter so class/number dependent when all the others don't use it. Raiding is getting difficult enough these days without artificially creating roadblocks for people just out to have some fun. And now, we're forcing raids to decide who can play and who can't? And we have to run the same encounter multiple times just because the right numbers aren't available when we do raids?
Maybe a suggested alternative might be to let human beings just be the creative individuals we are and if we have 24 slots available, let us sort out what it's going to take to win and have some fun. There should be multiple ways for raid groups to "win" a raid encounter. If they can do it with no tanks, or fewer healers, etc., how is that hurting the game? Having artificial limiters like only certain types/numbers of classes in a raid doesn't accomplish that in my book. That said--if that's the future of where raids are heading, then I do agree that stating what classes/numbers of those classes by encounter needs to be posted so people aren't wasting time trying to figure out what's going on.
Again, take this as the suggestion it is. I don't know about everyone else, but I log in to have fun and see what I can do and hopefully employ some creativity while I'm at it. If I wanted pure lockstep, leave my brains at the door, I'd be working at some car plant on an assembly line. And Gninja, I realize having a more options to win a raid encounter may be problematic in designing and coding, so if that's a problem, so be it. We're in this boat together, so let's see if we can't do something that would be a "win-win" for all parties. Thanks for "listening."
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