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Not to sound a tad bit miffed at the headache your about to unload on raid leaders but with all due respect is the dev staff under the impression that every raid force runs a cookie cutter raid wherein every class is duplicated by every other raid force with the same numbers of mages, healers, tanks and scouts...every raid night of course? So you have just stated if my raid attempts a fight with too many mages for those 'defensive' scripts(I tend to have a mage heavy force) we will wipe akin to not enough raiders being unlocked for that tier name or just that the fight will be impossible...this is an important distinction. Second and just as important on those certain scripts that require less finger wigglers/scouts are raids now being told their raiders now need to gear up a decently kitted alt (non-dps class for this example)? Why am I seeing a picture of Godzilla facepalm in my mind at this moment.
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