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A typical Optimal balanced raid force currently would have
Tank group Tank. healer healer Dirge Enchanter +1dps
Mage group healer Troub enchanter 3 mage dps
Scout group Healer Dirge chanter 3 scout dps
Off tank group Tank. healer Dirge Enchanter Dps Dps
So total
2 tanks
5 healers
7 +1-2 Scouts (Though most raids woudl not be able to get than many Dirges etc)
7 +1-2 Mages
Remember Enchanter count as Mages
and Dirges and Troubs Scout.
IF you can not have more mages and Dps than healer thi means
So you need Mana regen. Opps a extra Dps a have to sit out
Need a Dirge /Troub? Sorry more dps sit out
That or Force all Dps to roll healers alts instead?
The down side of this which might be intended is Making raids have to kill a Boss Multiple times Shorthanded to get everyone flagged.
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