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So as a raid leader I have 24 people wanting to play. But I will need to say "sorry Mage X, Y and Z you cannot come along on this fight because of this script says so". While I understand having some balance is needed, tanks, healers, DPS, power regen, etc. This choice just does not seem fun at all and those without a balance raid force will now be even shorter? Is this really a good play? What if we are short healers one day? Because of that, kick more DPS out of your raid so they cannot play? It's easy to say "Just leave your Mage's out of the raid". "Just leave the Scouts out of the raid". The point of raiding is being together, not dropping people because of reasons like this.

Now I have to pick who sits out? Then after the pull get them back in, arrange groups again, etc. If you are forcing us to lose members because of a script like this do not punish the raid force by having them stay down(dead) for the fight just to make us waste time getting the back in. We are not exploiting the fight, we are just trying to make the raid move along. Dead or out of group/raid is the same thing. One of them will save us time "managing" a raid. To me the other one is just silly and a waste of time.
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