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There's a lot more in the update notes than just changes to fighter spells.  Included is also a change to a bard buff making it raidwide (I know bards, it's a useless buff).  Other classes were also addressed.

And frankly, since you ask wardens are one of the less desirable healing classes on raids.  Yes they are more desired than some fighter classes, but not so much compared to any other healing class.

This thread was not intended as a complaint, nor is my response.  I am not really interested in getting a lot of responses from people flaming my request.  I only am interested in developers reviewing my request, as it seems that they are active on these boards.  I also feel that this is an appropriate place to make such a request, since similar changes are currently being put in place on test for other spell types. 

Feedback from a dev would be wonderful, but not expected.

...edited to clarify my response...

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