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Amphibia wrote:

I've been playing this game for nearly 8 years now and I still enjoy it. My main character is a carpenter, and I spend probably 90% of my (somewhat limited) game time decorating player homes.

Or, I wish I did...

Truth to be told, it's probably closer to 50%. Maybe even less, due to farming, grinding tokens and last, but not least - an incredibly time consuming crafting process. Yeah, I know it's easy. And I know it took even longer before, back in the days of resins, washes and interdependency across the board. I was there then, too. And I appreciate the changes that have happened since then, which I think have been for the better, but that doesn't change the fact that I still have to spend most of my game time crafting, grinding and organizing.

And therein lies the problem. I'm sorry, but sitting in front of the computer mindlessly clicking the same buttons over and over (unfortunantly you have to be present to oversee the process as well) - well, that's the boring stuff. Feel free to disagree with me, but wouldn't you rather be out slaying dragons with your friends, or - if you're more like me, spend your precious game time actually making use of the items you craft and do something fun and/or creative with them?

So in order to deal with this raging time vampire, here are a few suggestions to changes:

1. Let us craft in bulks. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Allow us to craft 10, 20 or 50 elm dividers at once, as long as we have sufficient raws and fuel on our character/harvest box. This will allow people to focus more on the fun stuff in EQ2, experiment and unleash their creativity - instead of spending half their game time clicking the same buttons over and over.

2. Or, alternatively - speed up the process and allow auto-complete.

3. Introduce crafting assistants who know all your recipes and can craft items for you, while you're off doing something else. Kinda like the harvest pony.

Please consider this. Less tedium means more time left to focus the reasons we pay to play in the first place.

Absolutely.  I'd love to see the bulk crafting.  I absolutely hate sitting there at the crafting table pressing the three buttons.  It's just not fun.  Let me make my items quickly and move on to something that is fun. 

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