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Of the people I have talked to they have not been wowed by this expac. The "pretty"factor is absolutely there dont get me wrong. Visually it is stunning.

Once you look past that however there is some fundamental mechanics that I predict will be a challenge for the game at this stage of its life cycle.

The new fighter mechanic will go over like a lead balloon. Tanks arent interested in keeping track of an emote in every fight that if they miss it will have the entire group yelling at them. Ive actually heard tanks say going this direction with their class may make them leave game

Seconded on the class balance statement. While there has been some it doesnt feel close to done yet and i hope they continue it in the next few weeks.

Im very interested to see how healers handle the changes. Not sure if it will be loved or hated at this point. But was it needed? Probably.

All in all the jury is still out for me this go round.
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