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Please daybreak think about the DMG of the upcoming ethernal familier Eligas, the Young

Disrupt of Magic lasts for 14 seconds, and can trigger only ONCE every 10 seconds
* inflicts 2958 - 4930 cold damage

Compared with the Proven Battlecat - Obsidian Rend - which can trigger once ever 2 seconds
* inflicts 1089-1814 cold damage

The new Ethernal familier will produce a noticeable DPS drop

In reality actual Obsidian Rend produces hits up to 400kk. Its one of the top 10 and about 3% of the whole output.
In a HON raid Obsidian Rend triggers almost 2000x in the Zone, and produces 42 mio dps

And I know Eligas is not in the game ATM, but please make it usefull Smile
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