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Oakbane wrote:

Some of these items exceed 500 triangles. Most hover around 600 triangles. Im having concerns about spending the time to polish these up and add a few more edge loops to smooth out things such as the axe blade and create a fresnel map as well. only to have the item be declined.

The items are very optimized, but they all share 1 texture (minus shield) so it was a huge challenge getting them all done using this method. If i were to delete some edge loops, it would cause uv artifacts.

Can a dev tell me if I were to delete edge loops and polygons to reach the 500 triangle LOD limit, would having these uv texture artifacts and/or missing polygons be a deal breaker for getting accepted. From a distance i dont think players will notice, but it will be impossible for me to reach below a 500 triangle count without creating texture artifacts.

Spending extra time should not be a deterrant.  Think of every submissionas as a demo reel that you are showing us that will get you the job.  Thats basically what it is.  You are giving us your best work to show that you are better then all the other submissions and deserve to be on our market place.  Perfecting your art not only helps your chances of getting something submitted but will also probably net more money in the long run.  The amount of payback you will get for making a good submission is far greater then the amount of work. 

Player studio is a chance for players to share in a piece of the profits from our game.  It should be looked at as a business deal where you could make a lot of money.  It would be to your benefit to have the best looking asset you can make, essentially having the best resume proving that we want to be in business with you.


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