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rollenzekson wrote:

Do the artists artists in each game communicate and or are they the same?

Would you prefer that we submit an item to one of the games first and get it accepted before we submit it to the other?

If we have an item kicked back for a modification in one, but the item is still under review for the other game what should we do?

Yes all the artist involved with player studio from each game have regualar meetings together.  So we can all show what is coming through the pipeline of each game.  This helps us come up with new categories and improving player studio overall. 

If you have an item that would work in muliple games then submit as soon as you are ready.  Not all the games have the same guide lines of what they will accept though.  So acceptance in one game is not a gaurantee of acceptance to another even accross EQ1 and EQ2. 

From the guide lines we set in player studio you should have a good idea of what each game is looking for.  Also playing the game can help to see what the art should look like.  Although I know some players dont have time to play them all and want to make items for a game they dont play.   Well we hope to have the new player studio forums up soon, this will make it easier for player studio creators to see what other artist are creating and what is getting accepted without going into game. 

Dave B.

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