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Correct me if I'm wrong, I've used 3dsmax for so long I don't really keep up with other modeling apps - but you should be able to do a quick preview render right there in your modeler without having to go to another app. That's the easiest way to see that something is off and be able to fix it right away for me anyway.

Another way would be to go into an empty house, take some screen shots of the walls/floors and load them as quick textures onto some simple planes set up in the same scene as your object. Render everything and use that as a way to estimate how your model might look in the game environment. It's not a perfect solution, but it is an option that's rather quick and easy to slap together.

If you go the Daz/Poser route, I have some simple room props that don't take long to slap a new texture on to render in a faux game environment. Toon Rooms 1 and 2 share the same template, so the same texture can be used for both (just to save time and use something already put together).

There's another larger room here -- Toon Room 3

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