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Upon turning the appropriate pattern and gems into the guy in Danak for your class your gear should then be appropriate. 

I am turning in the correct pattern that dropped from the mob listing the assassin class helm and have he gems in my inventory, the vendor is showing that it requires a completely wrong pattern and the product offered isnt the one on either pattern.

I've turned them in before and know how it works, i' just saying that it doesn't work anymore and an entire expansion of gear is now not available in the game.

Been turning in Patterns for wizard, brig, Beastlord, SK, bruiser, assassin and warlock over the last months, never had any issues at all. Patterns always offer 4 items for 4 classes, except the Blackened Patterns which offer 5 items cause they included the Beastlord armor on those patterns.

Without knowing you, and the information provided, my wild guess is that you were looking at an item flagged for your class and thought you could get that reward, despite the focus effects on the set bonus further down indicating exactly what class it's intended for ( and only that class can turn in the pattern to get that item)

Nothing is broken with the turning in mechanic. If anything about VP patterns is broken, it's the fact that Beastlord armor (and ONLY Beastlord armor) is fully tradable. And to make it even more sony-style, the set boni match TSO set boni. While all the other armor patterns remain/keep the ancient lvl 80 Set-boni.

Guess it falls in line with Beastlords also getting "easy" access to their mythical weapons while the other 24 classes have to pray to all gods of norrath for a super rare chance on seing a myth from a HM Drunder Boss.

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