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If you stand at say 10 meters to a target, and try to get it to close to 11 as possible and then duck, it'll change to 11.Same if you sit.

It's changing depending if you are ducking or standing. If you shrink your size (illusion) it doesn't change.

Also the data is misleading because it is whole numbers.Say a spell say "Up to 10 meters". The UI will show 10, but not 10.5, or 10.2 etc. So it's hard to think "Okay I need to stand at minus 1 meters to each of my abilities as far as the window shows". I know it's super easy math, but when you're just using your distance meter as a quick indicator, the face value needs to reflect that you are "within distance" for an ability, or definitely out of range of an AE (if that's what you want to use it for).

My suggestion is to show it at +1 the actual range, but round it up from 0.5 to 1. So zero would be zero, 0.5 could be 1 meter, 1 meter would be 2 meters, 2 meters would be 3, etc.

Just food for thought... but the usefulness of the data is only going to be so helpful when you can't see the exact distance (and I don't think just showing decimals woud help, since everything is mostly whole numbers in this game as far as abilities).


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