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Fyreflyte wrote:

I've seen the encounter locking happen before, but I can;t seem to replicate it. Can you pin down the specific sequence of events that leads to him locking an encounter (like does it have to aggro you briefly before aggroing him, does it grey out, etc)? Also, does he lock all encounters for you, or only some of them?

When this happened to me it was right after one of the etherglade prowler triggered spawns phased him into a group of those scorpions. The scorpions locked to him and there was nothing I could do to save him.

It took me four attempts to finish this quest. Very frustrating. What usually got me was trying to keep him alive during the second group (only reason I finally got it was because I temporarily popped out my merc for the extra dps). Considering the annoying phase shift the prowlers have, I'd suggest only having one of these spawn instead of two.

Also, the quest shouldn't update for hailing Mortimer until you've freed the other two. I tried doing it backwards my second attempt (starting with Mortimer) and got all three updates then an immediate timer of "escort back the injured scout" when I wasn't near him. Maybe make it so you rescue the first two then an additional quest step of "find Scout Mortimer" pops up.

As mentioned above, you have to hail him twice, and by then your timer is already going. The timer should not start until he says "Let's go."

Here's what happened my four attempts:

1st: Tried to fly back with him. Hey, it works for some timed escort quests, so why not? Had no idea he would only run back and by the time I landed and realized he wasn't with me, he was dead. That was my bad, so live and learn, right?2nd: First fight went fine, second fight the prowlers phased the scout into the scorpions. The scorpions locked on the scout and there was nothing I could do to save him.3rd: First fight was fine, second fight I could not get aggro on the prowlers no matter what I tried. They nommed him up good.4th: Popped out Perrin and got through everything fine and got him back with about two minutes to spare.

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