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Twyxx wrote:

He's referring to the new range meter.  In the pic the tank is listed as 25m away and the mob, seemingly next to the tank, is listed as 5m away.  Though, I think that's just how hit boxes have always worked on big mobs, especially the elevator mob in Foundations of Stone.


Hit boxes have always been a huge annoyance as a ranger, especially when some of them have excrutiatingly big hit boxes (Temple Elevator mob, Wyverns in UD), and even worse the ones with a mixed bunch of mobs (UD/ST mobs once again - Stand 30m from healers to hit the Wyvern and then have to run in 20m to be in proper range for the drakes).

We all understand mobs should have different sized hit boxes, but the variations on them can be really annoying at times, some that spring to mind include Milas HM, Theldek in UD, Temple Elevator Mob, all trash Wyverns in UD/ST.

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