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It's a chilly evening in Darklight Wood.  I decided to drop by the Wanderlust Fair, just to check on things.

I was surprised to find a number of adventurers around the Norrathian Express mailbox, looking at crude handbill that was glued to the side of the mailbox.

I shook my head sadly...  These young punk adventurers... NO RESPECT.  Back in MY day... well, enough of that sort of talk...

The handbill was actually a hastily made sketch, a rather creepy looking character.  Granted, with Nights of the Dead in full swing, he fits in quite well, but certainly not someone I'd invite over for a cup of Frostfell 'nog, if you get my meaning.

In bold letters under the picture of the unfortunate "living deprived" individual, was the following message:

Spotted in the Commonlands, this fellow should be approached with caution

But it might be worth your while...

I saw a number of the younger adventurers head off towards the road to Nektulos Forest, probably to quickly hop over to Commonlands...  Perhaps there's something there to get you interested?

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