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From Champions Online:

Also, all new characters are dumped into what is called the New Player Guild by the game until they reach a certain level (I think 10) at which point they are removed and they can join another guild.

I HATE this idea. Forced socialization? It should always be up to the player to decide if they want to join a guild or not, not be forced into some socialized program for the first 10 levels until they are then finally free to choose to go where they please.

I agree.  I would hate this idea as well.  When I create a new character now, I get it invited to my guild that I am currently in right away.  It would be a royal pain to have to level the character to 10 before I could do that.

No, no....I'd solo until I found my own guild.  Don't want to be dumped into any guild not of my choosing.


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