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Onorem wrote:

baguetteovenfresh wrote:

Onorem wrote:

Meh. Turning tank classes into dps should require them to be careful which buttons they push. If you don't want potency increased taunts, don't use them.

problem is many of the tanks attacks have innate taunt built in, as well as their epic effects. remember, the whole point of this change is ostensibly to allow tanks to group together and have a point in the group by giving them an optional dps role. if they cant dps because all they can do is push kick every 8 seconds, then you have defeated the entire alleged purpose *cough not testing for eqnext cough* of the change.

I understood what you meant the 'problem' was. I just don't agree that it is one.

(I can't speak to how this would change things for tanks in the new 'content' but did have 3 tanks at 90/280+ when it launched. This new stuff is just so horrible that I've only bothered to level one of my healers to raid once a week...)

How can you not agree it is one?  Do any other DPS classes have innate taunts?  Any innate taunts that hit for 50k?  I mean itd be cool to hit my Experienced Insight buff while DPSing without it hitting for 50k /shrug

Stop being childish.

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