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I for one disagree that brawlers were always suppose to be the "kings of defense". If that was true then brawlers would have had more defensive abilities than what they were given to fulfill that statement. Of the two brawlers the monk had better defensive abilities than the bruiser ever had of that era. Bruisers from level 1-79 didn't have any great damage absorbtion/prevention/100% avoidance defensive abilities that made any other fighter jealous.

One of the reasons the fighters are in the mess they are today is because the original vision for the fighters was lost when Moorguard left and the others filled in.

Now I will agree that just a few years back plate tanks had far better mit and their avoidance was on par with what the brawlers had and plates were the fighters that others wanted for the tanking position.

Everyone wants their fighter to be king of the hill and others below them. I think that is why we have the heated debates all the time. 

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