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These whine threads are so stupid especialy ones started by Talthion.

Brawlers who were arround before strikethrough immunity know why it was given to them.  Brawlers were designed to be the avoidance tanks but plate tanks had more avoidance than brawlers. It was completely broken ballance wise. Putting in strikethrough immunity fixed the issue and restored the respectability of the brawler class. Brawlers were always supposed to be the "kings of defense." Just because the plate tanks had more avoidance than brawlers a few expansions back does not mean they are entitled to that privledge forever. When one class can do one thing and another class can do another that is called ballance. Plate tanks can tank pretty much every mob in the game regardless.  Class ballance is the best it has ever been as no tank currently has a monopoly.

You know what most plate tanks are fine with the way things are. It is just the same few loud whiners who keep posting about the same nonsence.

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