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Bruener wrote:

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I dont understand your 1k HP? I have Pally healing millions in raid in ACT?

Direct comparison Monk healed 138k vs Pally 2.4 Million. Monk is completely dependant on healers to cope with spikes, Pally can compinsate for a smoother heal over time reducing the effects of oneshot.

If you are suggesting a Pally con NOT MT up to HM sullons without dieing you have been proven undisputably wrong by a guild that is only ranked 75th WW.

23:50 Gindan pull (yeah I know long one, had some major screw ups for heals on mob).  Took 15.4 mil damage tanking adds.  Healed 966 HPS for the encounter.

That is how much heals do.

On that fight a 10% avoidance difference is about 4k HPS worth of damage not factoring MAs and procs on hit.

(Bruiser heal parse was 713 hps, Monks was 546 hps)

3:37s Hragdold pull, I know short fight

Pally healed  341,863 HP, Monk healed 52,922

Pally healed himself the equivilant of 6 full heals in 3 minutes? Monk almost 1 LOL! Whats your point again?

What is your answer on the previous question btw?

So the Paladin healed a whole 1.5k HPS.  Most of which were probably meaningless heals that caught in just before a healer topped them off.

That 1.5k HPS doesn't even come close to making up the difference in the amount of times they are hit as well as the damage prevented by damage reduction and one shot prevention.

That is my point.  That healing does not make up the difference and is unneeded.  Every single mechanic that mobs have since DoV seem to favor avoidance tanking and one shot prevention.  If you don't get hit you can't get MA'd or Flurried or have a ward ignoring proc hit.  If you can easily block an incoming one shot AE your healers don't have to worry about it and it makes things way easier.

Not sure what you are looking for here.  Just because your Paladin can tank some content that has been nerfed down a ton and isn't even really considered progression doesn't mean that it isn't way easier on the raid in general to have a Brawler tanking the similar mobs and when you get to Progression mobs its no contest.

I believe the Divine Favor that healed 47k HP (Death Prevent) and Multiple 40k HP Lay on Hands say the heals where not meaningless.

The nerfed down a ton you speak of is the lowering of mobs strikethrough in the first place.

Pally tanked everything in EM Sullons, Tallons, Vallons, all of HM Kraytocs and multiple other HM mobs with no issues. Please specifically state which mob a Pally can not MT. Obviously your progression mob they cant tank is in HM sullons?

But we did come to what you want and that is all healing removed from Pallies because it is meaningless and them turned into avoidance tanks. Well there ya go that is what you should put in the next thread as a topic not sure how you get nerf monks cause Pally sucks. rofl. 

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