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"Launchpad is configured to use streaming assets but there are non-streamed assets present. Do you wish to change configuration to use FULL DownloadYes No CancelI was canceling which ended up changing me to a streaming mode. However this time I hit yes. If you get this error message choose YES. This will solve your Streaming issue. however if you have chosen No or canceled enough like me, it will start doing a live stream mode. I cant tell you how to reset it to FULL download."

This is what I did the first time, I hit YES, and it still started streaming. It doesnt matter if I let it download the entire game either, next time I start through launcher its back to streaming the entire game again. Its as if the launcher doesnt remember any changes in settings nor sees anything Everquest2.exe does (such as downloading 14gb in the background). Luckilly for me, Everquest2.exe also does not see any settings made in the launcher enabling me to at least run the game directly and simply skip the launcher.

I can imagine all the extra bandwidth required to feed all these bugged people with streamed data.... because of an error in their code... kinda like shooting yourself in a the foot... pew! O.o

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