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Operating System:Windows 7 64  bit

Launchpad Version:   no idea of old launcher version it deleted 12 gbs of game and I am now back up to 2.2 

Install Directory (where you have the game installed):users/public/sonyonlineentertainment/installedgames/everquest2

Under "Select Game Version" do you have a selector for full/streaming?:NO   only see English and selecting this only changes language.

Files are gone, forcing me to re download game, in game menu by waterfall character select screen "farthest I can reach atm" I can select streaming or background streaming this will  accelerate download speed temporary but still I get stuck in char select while entire game wants to download upon trying to enter into the world it freezes up EQ2 and the screen lightens up and I must manually close the window.

I like many others saw a flash pop up that had the option to change version to streaming, it had a check box that allready had a check mark in the icon. I hovered over this box to select no and as soon as my  mouse hovered over the pop up window rectangle it auto reset without me clicking any mouse or enter key.

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