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Race preference: I guess it boils down to if you eventually want to tank, dps or provide utility/heals.I went with Froglok as I am tired of the other races (Ratongans still rock, as do Iksar) I would have to say that any race with an offensive pet is more ideal.Good or Evil: Evil of course. Evil is the new Good.Which Warder: Well for soloing...Anything with a group heal reflected hear ( ) As for me?<20...Bear21 to 30...Gorilla31 to 40...Gorillaetc. I could say Gorilla but that would be obvious...I imagine the PVPers with go with the Reptile family for the heavy poisons.As for raiding / grouping I imagine many will get a Bovid Warder for increased healing received by group or Drake Warders for group buff increase to multi attack.

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