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This has NEVER worked successfully for me...  Any ideas why?  I use the latest version of FireFox, which I helped to set the most downloads in a 24 hour period lol.
Do you allow cookies?  The forums set a cookie in your browser and if you deny cookies, you may have problems.In addition, the forum software seems to periodically just plain require everyone relogin.  It only seems to happen once every couple of weeks so I haven't bothered to dig into whether it's the cookie expiring, or something else (it's a minor annoyance).  I had to relogin this morning for some reason, but it was the first time in a week or two.The other issue is since the site relies on cookies, if you happen to use multiple computers (home & work), use dialup where you get assigned different IP addresses, or similar, the site may not like that.  I'm just thinking out loud a bit and haven't done a detailed analysis since I don't have any problems, but if you're changing where you login from the forum software may be getting confused and want you to reauthenticate as a result.
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