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So I ran some experiments after I posted this afternoon, I was at work on an XP based system.

I came back to the forums appeared to NOT be logged in, went into a random forum, clicked on the back to home page, I was logged in. I then logged out cleaned all the temp internet files, history, etc, etc, etc, rebooted came back to the forums and logged in. I then closed browser reopened came back to forums and used the method described above and I was logged in. I checked all my security, anti-virus, firewall, permissions etc everything seems in order.

Next I came home and did all of this again on my Vista system but no matter what I log in, leave, close browser, come back I am still logged in so in my case is it specific to the OS or is it random? I'm an engineer so I don't believe in random but I'm no expert as it pertains to forums, software etc.

That's all for now, see you all in game!


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