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Reminder: This is the last day to get your screenshots in! Any submitted after 11:59pm Pacific tonight will not qualify. Here's a few tips if you're stuck on ideas:

1. Any spooky/creepy/Halloween-y location will do--overlands zones, dungeons, player homes, dungeon maker dungeons or even NotD instances.2. Try to avoid having a target arrow/target ring show. It's not necessary, but it can detract from the overall impact of your picture!3. No photoshopping--that includes no borders and no text added onto the screenshot itself. Any that we do have like that (there is, unfortunately, a few) will be disqualified. Like mentioned above, we're only looking for the original screenshot! (you can crop it down if needed)4. If your computer can handle it, turn up your graphic quality. Let those details shine!5. You can enter multiple times (but can only win once)! We don't care if you find 2 or 40 screenshots you want to submit--have fun with it!

Here's a picture I took as an example. Good luck!

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