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Sir, I commend you on getting a degree, and like I said in game, I love your work - but 700 plat is a ludicrous amount to pay!

You never, at any point, said that you would do the same work for 12 to 25 bucks - which is totally more reasonable - I can make $25 in RL in half as many minutes - how does that equate to 700 plat??!

It's a proper shame that you didn't mention the RL dollar price, as I would have gone for that - in fact, I still will if you'll do the work?

I have never said I am not willing to pay for your work, I just don't like your in-game price is all.

I still love your work! If you are willing to make me a sig still, I will happily pay for it - with cash (well, electronic magic transfer!)

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