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andreas2901 wrote:

Yea Peace of Mind is a nice shorttime buff but really nothing compared to bards VC. Besides that some of our buffs are obsolete, others are not wanted/needed.Our class experienced a huge nerf because we are utility. But where is our utility ?

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!? Peace of Mind FLAT OUT PWNS VC... Like literally no comparison zone wide..  It's up almost 33% of the time...  Sure VC will give you that uber parse for that one fight where your bard incinerates on the RO and gives you a nice 100+k VC, but then it's down for another 8 odd minutes or whatever it is..

On Ark, I can PoM the first trash fish, the 3rd, and it's back up right in time for Xilaxis HM...

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