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I played a enchanter in EQ1 for years, its seems like the same problem here as it was there.  I have NOT played an enchanter of either class past level 30 in EQ2, I don't have enchanter raid experiance in EQ2 and i don't claim to know all about enchanters in EQ2 either.  However its funny that all the same problems still exist in EQ2 as they did in EQ1.  A raid enchanter shouldn't care at all about their dps, it should be all about controlling the encounter to help the raid win. Enchanters know this isn't ever going to happen and have given up hoping it will so they look else where for their fun while raiding, i know this much its not buffing other players constantly.

Dev's can not seem to work out how to use the enchanter effectively for CC during a raid with out making either

a) The raid require x number enchanters to win, which for some reason is ok for healers but not for enchanters /boggle

b)off tanking a better and safer option.

c) the raid script breaking due to CC

d) CC over powered.

There are always very few raids per expansion where CC is possible let alone wanted.  Becasue of this we (enchanters) have 2 other options, buffing the raid to increase the dps classes damage or to increase our DPS but these also cause problems.  

1) Enchanters can't equal the Assassin's (rogues from eq1) or Sorc's (wizard's from eq1) because thats makes them usless but to lower the enchanters dps means they become superceded by the sorc's and Assassin's.

2) Buffing people takes no real skill and is not very fun for most people not only that but it can be done with macro's and is easy to do by someone 2 boxing.

I don't personaly think the OP would even care at all about their dps parse IF they were able to do meaningful CC in 85%+ of raid encounters.  None of either the EQ1 or EQ2 dev's have ever really figured out how to achive this on a consistent and regular basis and i personaly think this is becasue to make a balanced raid with viable CC takes time and imagination from the Dev's creating the raid and they just don't seem able to do so.  I for one would never consider an enchanter for a raid character again after my experiences in EQ1.


Something's i've posted here may not be exactly on the money due to lack of experiance as an EQ2 raid enchanter but i'm sure most raid enchanters would at least agree with me generally.

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