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I dunno about rapidity being important - a lot of dps groups run with troubadors  (for doubled bard groups) and/or inquisitors, so you can pretty much make up for it there. I think Timewarp is highly overrated - if you actually analyze how much it amounts to in a raid context even under best case scenarios it's not really all that much, and is more typically comparable to something like Act of War from an Inquisitor, much less Fanatical Devotion. I think the very best examples for optimal conditions for it would be doubling an incinerate for a bard for VC, for example, but a once or twice a night serious dps boost is more of a gimmick than a major selling point for a class.

Personally I think rapidity for illusionists should probably give 10 potency to even them out with coercers a tad.

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