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*** Kingdom of Sky *** - You can now select your reward for "Kicking the Blood out of the Nest." *** Gameplay *** - You can once again fight aquatic creatures. - Upon death, only the most expensive item equipped in each slot within 2 minutes before death will take damage. If an item was equipped in more than one slot, the next most expensive item will be damaged in addition to the most expensive item--a single item will not be damaged more than once per death. *** Player-versus-Player *** - PvP players can now use the /emote command, which can be seen by players of the same alignment. - Whispered Remorse, Bewildered Rucksack and Smuggler's Sack now use ammo. *** Achievements *** - A number of raid mobs that did not previously award Achievement experience will now do so, including:   * Gnillaw the Demented, Essence of Fear, Gnorbl the Playful, Vilucidae the Priest of Thule, Hurricanus, Terrorantula, Siyamak, Barakah, Malkonis, Ahkmun Rhoen, the Rujarkian Champion, the gargoyle boss in Living Tombs, the giant named snake in the Living Tombs, and Urzyd the Undying. *** Quests *** - Winchester in South Qeynos now gives out the correct level writs. *** Items *** - The rewards for completing the Deathtoll access quest (Amulet of the Forsworn and Amulet of the Resolute Servant) can now be equipped in either the neck or wrist slots. *** Combat *** Defiler: - An issue that could cause damage to "leak" through a ward when the ward critical healed has been corrected. Mystic: - An issue that could cause damage to "leak" through a ward when the ward critical healed has been corrected. *** Tradeskills *** - Provisioner supplies can be now found in the Craftsman specific tradeskill societies as well as the general city tradeskill zone merchants. *** User Interface *** - Failure to disarm a treasure chest (without triggering the trap) will now give an indication of the fact. - Lotto looting mode will now require responding to no-trade confirmation dialogs similar to the other looting modes. - Tooltips and examine information for melee weapons, ranged weapons, and shields will now list the equipment type (sword, staff, buckler, etc.). - The mender will no longer show status points as a cost to repair items, as it does not cost status to repair equipment.

Note: All of these additions should have made it to Test late last night. Several bug fixes, however, went to Test today and the notes were not posted.

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